Shall we find a pub with outdoor seating?

Shall we find a pub with outdoor seating?

7 enjoyable tips

You plan a trip to the Flemish Ardennes to get lost in the green hills, fields and woods. Perhaps you're looking forward to strolling through our museums, past the historical riches and heritage treasures on display. But once you’ve had that experience and the impressions or the exertion have tired you - perhaps your legs are stiff or you have blisters - you’ll have to admit that a pub with outdoor seating can be a great pleasure. We have them in all sizes. You’ll come across them in the most unexpected places. We'll list a few of them for those who really want to leave nothing to chance.

De Amberhoeve in Schorisse

1. Orangery De Amberhoeve - Schorisse (Maarkedal)

In the beautiful rural B&B De Amberhoeve in Schorisse, you can enjoy a delicious piece of homemade cake with coffee or tea, refreshing lemonades and beers. You don’t need to spend the night. The outdoor seating is wonderful, but once you’ve become acquainted with the orangery, you’ll find it difficult to choose a seat.

De Amberhoeve also offers lots of extra activities: from a walking and cycling arrangement to breakfast meetings and crustacean evenings.

Open:From May until the end of August:

  • Fr: 14:00-19:00
  • Sat: 13:00-19:00 
  • Sun: 11:00-19:00

In September: open on Saturdays and Sundays From October: open on Sundays

Orangery De Amberhoeve


Huis Beaucarne binnenkoer Ename - David Samyn.jpg
20180615 Huis Beaucarne 00112.jpg

2. Huis Beaucarne - Ename (Oudenaarde)

Anyone tempted by the drinks menu or the Sunday brunch in the courtyard of Huis Beaucarne can disguise this as a cultural activity without arousing any suspicion. The 18th-century mansion has been preserved down to the smallest detail and, like the rest of the village, tells the story of an impressive past.

The unique thing about Huis Beaucarne is that the current residents will show you every exceptional room. Julien Fornari and Lena Vastesaeger, descendants of the Beaucarne family, speak passionately and fervently about the beauty of their home. You can also visit the garden with its historic greenhouses upon reservation.

Tea room open:From May to October:

  • Fri - Sat : 14:00-20:00
  • Sun: 10:00-18:00


The residence, garden and grape glasshouse can be visited every day of the year (upon reservation). After the tour, the visitors can order a drink.

Huis Beaucarne

Walking route in the vicinity: Walking in 't Ename Forest


terras stokerij van damme.jpg
Stokerij pers LR-2.jpg

3. Stokerij Van Damme - Balegem (Oosterzele)

Stokerij Van Damme is what the name suggests: a jenever distillery. But it’s not any old distillery; it’s the last hot distillery in the Benelux. It is also an active farm for arable and dairy farming, a B&B, a shop with delicacies and a fantastic place to stop. Yes, it even has outdoor seating.

Here, you can enjoy Balegem Jenever and its derived specialities. Try a fragrant cup of coffee with a spicy gin or a delicious advocaat and a savoury or sweet pastry.

Sat - Thurs: 14:00-18:30

Stokerij Van Damme



4. Eetkaffee Break@4 - Idegem (Geraardsbergen)

Eetkaffee Break@4 is located between the Dender River-Idegem lock and the church. You'll arrive via an authentic metal drawbridge or – even more original – using your own muscles on one of the few hand-operated ferries in the country. It’s a fun attraction for cyclists and hikers on Sundays and holidays from May to September. Once in the Ankerstraat, you can quench your thirst and have a snack on Break@4’s terrace.

Thurs-Fri-Sat: 12:00-23:00
Sun: 10:00-21:00


Walking route in the vicinity: Walking along De Gavers en Nuchten


5. BosBĀĀR - Ruien(Kluisbergen)

Kluis Forest appeals to everyone’s imagination. Nature lovers can enjoy themselves between the undergrowth and the stately trees, sports enthusiasts test their limits and make their altimeters peak, and romantics come here to recuperate. In the middle of the forest, where a tribunal stood in the days of Charles V, they are all pampered in bosBĀĀR. Everything is built with respect for the forest and the environment. Be sure to try one of the delicious cakes, refreshments, beverages, savoury snacks and appetisers that await you. 


  • Sat: 12:00-18:00
  • Sun: 11:00-18:00
  • School holidays: Wed-Fri: 14:00-18:00


Walking route in the vicinity: Kluis Forest route

Brasserie Ijsmolenhoeve in Ronse
Ijsmolenhoeve lodge tent.jpg

6. Brasserie De Ijsmolenhoeve - Ronse

The adventure in and around the Muziekbos can wear out your legs. Fortunately, you can recuperate in the cosy restaurant in a chalet on the grounds of De Ijsmolenhoeve. The menu includes soup, cheese and shrimp croquettes, hamburgers, spaghetti and a hearty chocolate sandwich with a view of the beautiful surroundings. Nice bonus: you can visit the petting zoo for free if you eat here!


  • Wed: 11:00-18:00
  • Sat & Sun: 11:00-18:00 (summer until 21:00)
  • During school holidays only open on weekends

De Ijsmolenhoeve



7. 't Hol van Pluto - Sint-Blasius-Boekel (Zwalm)

You have to be willing to make an effort to get to ’t Hol van Pluto. The obstacle is called the Arme Kleie, a hill that’s engraved in the memory of cyclists as the place where they urgently needed to replenish their fluids. And that is exactly what this fantastic tavern specialises in. All year round, you can enjoy an exquisite selection of regional beers, a tasty snack, a dish from the extensive menu, a piece of cake, a pancake, a geuteling (a regional dessert), etc. (Also for hikers and other athletes who have conquered the hill, people who come by car and everyone who approaches ‘t Hol van Pluto from the other side!)

Thurs - Sun 11:30-21:00

't Hol van Pluto

WALKING ROUTE IN THE VICINITY: Walking between wind and watermills