The Outsider in Oudenaarde

The Outsider in Oudenaarde

Let’s go outside and play at the Donkvijver

Donkstraat 50
9700 Oudenaarde
+32 55 20 70 30

You hate sitting still. You prefer to swing on a ropes course at great heights. Or you would rather try a death ride that brings you down to ground level at dizzying speeds. Perhaps you prefer to put on some water skis or climb up a 16 m climbing tower. Or you could simply have a refreshing drink with friends on a rooftop terrace. It’s all possible at The Outsider in Oudenaarde, the place to be for adventurers. Are you ready? Of course you are!

The ropes course at The Outsider in Oudenaarde

The Outsider: adventure with a capital A

As you can see, if you like adrenaline, this is the place to be. The Outsider offers ‘Seven Summits’ on Donkvijver. A paradise on earth for anyone who has a penchant for adventure and outdoor sports. Here you’ll find groups of friends, families and corporate groups who want to step out of their comfort zone and into an unknown adventure. The possibilities are truly endless. A stone’s throw from the centre of Oudenaarde, you step into a world where nothing is ordinary.

You'll rack up one challenge after another, until you are tired but satisfied in the evening and return home - or don’t. You’re welcome to rest your weary body in the Swamp House on-site. A little further on, you’ll find a stack of drainage pipes or ‘Thuisbuizen’. A truly unique way to sleep over! They don’t offer Hilton comfort, but it’s an unforgettable way to spend the night. Your muscle tension can be reduced to zero while building fantastic memories with your group.

After exertion comes relaxation on the terrace

Outdoor activities: what’s on offer?

Well, there’s plenty to do. You only have to decide which activity to tackle first. Descend from a terrifying height at breakneck speed on the death ride cable car. Try the swamp trail and see that you don’t lose your balance - or you’ll have to head straight for the showers.

Do you prefer something a little cleaner? Then discover the uninhabited island in the middle of the lake; it’s only accessible by kayak. For a really nerve-wracking activity, climb the Blue Diamond in the middle of the park. This 16 m climbing tower – including a spider web full of ropes and stairs – is the eye-catcher of The Outsider. If you prefer to get your kicks in the water, you are in for a treat. Put on some water skis, hoist yourself on a wakeboard or have fun in the Cablepark!

Put on your water skis and go wakeboarding

The Outsider with kids

Are you coming to Oudenaarde with the kids? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that The Outsider also offers some challenges that kids six and older can conquer. Just think of the barefoot path or the speleology course. People with disabilities are also more than welcome. Various activities are provided for wheelchair users.

Are you exhausted after a day of sports in the open air? You’ll get your second wind, enabling you to discover lively Oudenaarde. Be sure to follow the 48 hours in Oudenaarde walking route. It leads you to the most beautiful spots in the city.

Disabled people can climb too

Visit The Outsider if you dare!

Surpass your limits and enjoy crazy challenges and breathtaking experiences. Book your activity at The Outsider today!