The Tour of Flanders Centre

The Tour of Flanders Centre
Markt 43
9700 Oudenaarde
+32 55 33 99 33

If you are on the edge of your seat every time the Tour of Flanders takes place, then the Flemish Ardennes has the perfect address for you. The Tour of Flanders Centre is dedicated to Flanders’ Finest, the most intense race of the cycling season. Cycling icons cut their teeth on climbs such as the Kwaremont, the Kemmelberg and – of course – the legendary Muur van Geraardsbergen.

Don’t expect boring exhibitions; this is an experience centre that gets your inner cyclist sweating and puffing on the pedals. If you want to experience the Tour of Flanders in your own unique way, then the Tour of Flanders Centre is the place to be.

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The shop offers a lot of nice cycling items

Visiting immortal sporting legends

The Tour of Flanders Centre exudes the heroism of the race. From masterly exhibits in which the Tour of Flanders is beautifully portrayed to unique exhibitions on all aspects of cycling. Even children will have a great time here. A special children’s route was developed for them.

The permanent exhibition zooms in on the emotions, strength and perseverance involved in the Tour. The pain of the loser, the euphoria of the winner. The crushing injuries and the relief after the finish line. The drama of the eternal runner-up and the glory of legends. You are immersed in a total experience of Flanders’ Finest. And you can test your knowledge about the Tour against the glorious history of this unique race.


From story to story

Cancellara, Boonen, Terpstra, Merckx, Gilbert... The list of Tour winners is utterly impressive. Mythical names follow one another, each with their own story. Find out how these immortal athletes experienced their Tour of Flanders. Experience the stories of the protagonists of the race. And do you want to have an unforgettable experience? Then let a professional Tour of Flanders guide show you around – Johan Museeuw and Freddy Maertens can be your guide upon request.

In addition to this permanent exhibition, the Tour of Flanders Centre also organises thematic exhibits that change regularly. Queens of the Race, Racing during the Cold War, etc. Sharpen your knowledge of the sport during an indispensable visit to the Tour of Flanders Centre.

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Experience the mecca of The Tour

Of course you don’t just want to look when you visit the Tour of Flanders Centre. You want to stand on the pedals. You want to face the cobbled sections and conquer the legendary leg killers. And you can! The Tour of Flanders Centre is the perfect starting and finishing point to ride the Tour yourself. What’s more, you can do this on a professional, top-of-the-line bike. You can rent a racing bike on site that will push you over the most challenging stages of the route.

Get on iconic bikes from brands such as BMC, Ridley or Specialized. You can choose how to conquer the Tour of Flanders: via the yellow, blue or red loop, or all the loops in one go. Afterwards, you arrive back at the Tour of Flanders Centre exhausted but satisfied. You can take a shower here and regain your strength in the brasserie with an excellent regional beer and a tasty snack.

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Ervaar zelf de Hoogmis en kruip op een van de iconische fietsen

Stick around for a while

You don’t feel like going home after all that cycling? Then stick around for a while and relish the memory. Hotel ‘t Moriaanshoofd, located in a 400-year-old building, is close to the Tour of Flanders Centre. The restaurant serves exquisite cuisine, and the rooms are equipped with every modern convenience. You should stay here once for the furnishings alone. And you can safely park your bike on the grounds.

Now switch to a higher gear

Are you ready to experience Flanders’ Finest like a true winner? Then hurry to the Tour of Flanders Centre and put your passion for the race into top gear.