5 lodgings surrounded by nature

5 lodgings surrounded by nature

Slow down in the Flemish Ardennes

Return to nature for a while and unwind completely. In the Flemish Ardennes, you’ll find tranquillity in the calm nature reserves, beautiful forests and idyllic views.

Venture into nature and let yourself be overwhelmed by the silence, the tranquillity and the greenery. These five lodgings allow you to rediscover nature in comfort.

1. ‘t Hollandhuizeke holiday home

Would you like to get a little closer to nature? And do you feel like getting away for the weekend? Then we’ve found the perfect place for you! ‘t Hollandhuizeke is in the middle of Burreken nature reserve, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. It’s wonderfully tranquil in this refurbished farmhouse in Maarkedal. Your nearest neighbours are birds, insects and beautiful blossoming bushes. You only have to walk outside and you have loads of options for walking in the forests and through the fields. Silence, tranquillity and pure enjoyment of nature are central here.

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2. B&B BosbĀĀr

Back to basics: that’s undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind when you arrive at this B&B in the middle of Kluis Forest. This place offers just that, and many travellers or nature lovers are looking for that unique experience. Absolute peace and quiet, completely surrounded by a beautiful forest. Waking up to the chirping of birds while trees gently rustle as background music. Doesn't that sound heavenly to you? Then you should book a room at this B&B. You won’t find anything closer to a natural paradise. You reach this green oasis via a 2 km dirt road. It’s nestled, almost hidden, in the overwhelming natural beauty. For now, there is one room under the roof of this building. It appears to be an extension of the wooded area. The nostalgic treehouse feeling is never far away in this relaxing cocoon.

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3. La Quitapenas holiday home

Daily stress, busy schedules, always stuck in traffic, etc. Sometimes the need to get away for a weekend is overwhelming. Fortunately, you can always book this unique holiday home in Ronse. The charming little gnome house makes you slow down.

No worries here, just a beautiful view of the city and relaxing walking and cycling routes nearby. You’ll have everything you need to unwind while relaxing in the serenity of wide-open nature and fun activities.

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4. Op ‘t Roth holiday home

This holiday home with a view of the Scheldt River has a fully equipped and charming kitchen. You can make yourself comfortable in the lounge with views of nature. When it gets dark, you can enjoy some of the board games.

Upstairs, under the wooden beams, you’ll find three double bedrooms. Towels and bathrobes are on hand, and the beds are made. Isn’t that lovely?!

You can relax in the wood-fired hot tub on the patio, with a view of the donkeys, in complete silence.

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Speeltuin vakantiewoning Op 't Roth in Oudenaarde

5. ‘t Nophof holiday home

In this renovated U-farm on the Paterberg, you feel the utmost respect for authenticity. The building elements of yesteryear were preserved during the renovation, but modern comfort was added.

The cowshed is now the lounge, and the wood-burning stove provides extra cosiness.

The new kitchen contains every modern convenience. You can cook your own meals or have a real chef come by.

The wild garden and spacious barn are perfect for games and relaxation. Children play in the enclosed playground.

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zitruimte vakantiewoning 't Nophof in Zulzeke

Make a choice and book your stay in the Flemish Ardennes now.

If you want to recharge your batteries and enjoy beautiful landscapes, the Flemish Ardennes is the place to be. Have you made your choice? Book your stay via the website of the accommodation of your choice. You’ll find information about prices and availability on the website.