5 Places to savour culture

5 Places to savour culture

Visit the nicest museums

Whether you like tapestries, cycle races or Roman history, visiting a museum is always fun! And you’re sure to learn something about your favourite subject. Museum outings are also a good idea when the weather is bad.

Museum MOU in Oudenaarde

1. MOU - Oudenaarde

Discover Oudenaarde’s stories in the impressive town hall. This bit of world heritage - recognised by UNESCO - is not only beautiful to look at, it also houses the MOU, a fascinating and inspiring museum. Dive into the stories of luxurious, handmade tapestries, the history of countless buildings in the city, and painter Adriaen Brouwer who was born in Oudenaarde.

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2. The Hoge Mote Experience Centre

Das Empfangs- und Erlebniszentrum Ronse und die flämischen Ardennen befindet sich inmitten des Hoge-Mote-Geländes und ist einer der am besten erhaltenen historischen Orte in Ronse.

Bis zum 17. Jahrhundert war es Sitz eines Kanonikus, danach gründete die Familie Cambier dort das Textilunternehmen Cambier-Robette. Die Restaurierung der Anlage ist beeindruckend. Die Anlage ist ein historisches Schmuckstück mit überraschenden zeitgenössischen Akzenten und der ständige Sitz von Toerisme Ronse.

Das Zentrum befindet sich im historischen Herzen der Stadt. Von hier aus können Sie die gesamte Region nach Belieben erkunden.

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3. The Tour of Flanders Centre

Few cities are so intertwined with the most beautiful race in Flanders as Oudenaarde. Everyone knows the famous inclines and the finish line that made many iconic cyclists burst into tears of joy. But are you also familiar with the extensive, modern Tour of Flanders Centre? You can soak up the true atmosphere of Flanders’ Finest here all year round.

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4. Archeocentrum Velzeke

Archeocentrum Velzeke takes you back 2000 years in time, when Julius Caesar, Augustus and other enlightened rulers ruled the roost. Even older traces were also found in this area. That’s why prehistory is also discussed in detail.

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5. Provincial Heritage Site Ename

This heritage village near Oudenaarde houses no less than 1000 years of history. Ename has many monuments within walking distance of each other. It’s now a small village, but it was once much larger.

In the Heritage Centre, next to the Archaeopark, you can check out the exhibition ‘Trackers. Landscape from the air’ and take a look behind the scenes of the heritage depot.

If you want to know more about the history of Ename, visit PAM Ename in the centre of the village. Here, stories come at you from every angle, some more true to life than others. Immerse yourself in 1000 years of glorious history of the abbey and this small community on the banks of the Scheldt River.

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