This is how to get to the Flemish Ardennes

This is how to get to the Flemish Ardennes

By car, bike or public transport

Undisturbed rest is without doubt one of the great assets of the Flemish Ardennes. You will find plenty of quiet spots here, where you can be completely at one with nature. Does that mean the Flemish Ardennes are difficult to reach? Not at all! Any means of transport will take you smoothly to the heart of the region.

Car or motorcycle: major traffic routes nearby

Nieuwe Kwaremont in Oudenaarde

If you take a look at a map of the Flemish Ardennes, one thing immediately stands out: there are hardly any motorways running through the area. Yet you can drive there from all directions very easily. The E17 Ghent-Kortrijk largely forms the western border of the Flemish Ardennes. Depending on where you want to go, exits 4 (Deerlijk), 5 (Waregem), 6 (Kruishoutem), 7 (Deinze) and 8 (De Pinte) are all valid options. From the north, take exit 17 (Wetteren) or 18 (Erpe) on the E40 Ghent-Brussels motorway. Then, for the southern part of the Flemish Ardennes, there is the E429 Halle-Blandain, with exits 29 (Lessines) to 33 (Tournai-Nord). On Google Maps, you can see at a glance which is the best choice for your destination.

Train: well-developed network

Is it important for you to make your trip to the Flemish Ardennes in the most sustainable way? Then the train is definitely an option. From the major Belgian art cities of Brussels, Ghent and Kortrijk, there is a direct connection to the Flemish Ardennes. From Antwerp and Bruges, you'll have to change at Gent-Sint-Pieters station. In the Flemish Ardennes, there are stations at the larger centres of Oudenaarde, Zottegem, Ronse and Geraardsbergen, as well as in a number of smaller locations, such as Eine, Munkzwalm and Zingem. On the Belgian Railways website,  simply enter your point of departure and destination. You will then be shown an overview of all the possible routes. You can also buy a ticket online. Are you departing from abroad? For international train connections to the Flemish Ardennes, please visit

Bike: the gentle road


At, you will find an interactive map with all the cycling nodes in Belgium. Click on the nodes closest to your starting point and your destination in the Flemish Ardennes in succession. You will immediately see which route is most appropriate for you. This will of course give you a bike-friendly route to travel, along mainly quiet and safe roads. From Ghent, the towpath along the Scheldt is among the more pleasant and popular cycling routes.

Train + Bike: maximum freedom

If you're come by train and bringing your bike, you will have to pay a surcharge of €4 each way. However, folding bikes are free. You can find more information on this at Do you find it more comfortable to rent a bike on arrival? At the stations of Oudenaarde, Geraardsbergen, Zottegem and Gavere-Asper, you will find a Blue-bike location. At , you can learn how to get your hands on a steel steed for a day or more at a bargain price. For now, offers (depending on the location) consist of city bikes with 3 or 7 gears. Would you prefer an e-bike, road bike, mountain bike or another specific model? Then click here for a handy overview of all bike rental companies in the Flemish Ardennes. 

Ship: bon voyage


Oudenaarde's marina is located in an old arm of the Scheldt just outside the town centre. The 350-metre jetty is also wheelchair-accessible. For any further information, please contact the harbourmaster at After a trip on the Scheldt, you can also moor up at the archaeological site of Ename, in Gavere and in the vicinity of Kluisbergen. Geraardsbergen, in turn, has a marina on the Dender.

Aeroplane: faster than you think

If you fly to Zaventem (Brussels Airport), Charleroi (Brussels South), Ostend or Antwerp, you can reach the Flemish Ardennes by car or public transport (train and/or bus) one to two hours later. The airport of the northern French city of Lille is not far away at all, either.

Bus: there's always one close by

For public transport within the Flemish Ardennes, you can use buses from De Lijn, the Flemish transport company. At, a route planner will explain in detail how to get there easily. And you can buy a ticket online, too.

Getuigenheuvels Muziekbos Ronse

A warm welcome to the Flemish Ardennes!

No matter how you are planning to come to the Flemish Ardennes, we will welcome you with open arms. We are already eagerly looking forward to your visit!